Yash Solutions offers comprehensive hydrology services let’s meet our team and feel comfortable experience.

Hydrological Services

Yash Solutions offers comprehensive hydrology services, including early-stage field investigations to detail design to long-term monitoring.  Hydrological services serve Yash Solution’s goal of offering fully integrated engineering solutions.

Data management system
Time series are a product of hydrometry and related surveys, and include values of physical parameters over time.  Examples are water level, temperature and other parameters describing water quality, like electrical conductivity, acidity, turbidity, etc.  Yash Solutions places a great deal of importance  on professional and secure data management  and storage.  With this in mind, the company has invested in a data management system.  The data management system provides overall data management and the archival of data collected from a variety of sources, and is also used to process, analyze, visualize and report all measured data.

Because the equipment is no longer needed by the client once the field work is complete, our model is to lease the necessary equipment for a project.  This is a more cost effective model because it eliminates the need for our customers to buy the equipment or pay for any needed repairs.

From our experience with different types of equipment, we have chosen a selection of what we think are the best to build a homogeneous and reliable system. Our main providers are OTT Hydromet, Campbell Scientific, Sontek Company.


Surface water
Hydrological research are a major basis for any hydropower project and in some cases for road construction.  Measurements of surface water involve water level, discharge (flow), river cross section, sediment transport, water temperature and electrical conductivity.  Yash Solutions has invested in the necessary equipment to measure all of the above parameters and the software to perform calculations of rating curves, flow and other derived time series.

Wastewater facilities
Yash Solutions has performed extensive measurements of flow, water level in pipes and pumping stations, temperature and electrical conductivity of sewage water. The data is used to analyze design flow of pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, dry-weather flow and runoff coefficients.

Water quality monitoring

Yash Solutions management of water quality monitoring has roots in different projects. For example, the chemical composition of geothermal water is of importance for those who design district heating systems. The quality of groundwater is also of importance in the vicinity of landfills.  Yash Solutions has the required equipment for basic monitoring of water quality.  More complex analytical chemistry services are purchased from specialized and internationally trusted sources.

Extensive measurements of flow, water level, and sediment transport in rivers, canals, and irrigation structures are performed by Yash Solutions