WEB Design & Developments

t all start with your idea; we help you to drive your vision forward, so it needs the right tools, the right team and right energy. In Siyomek, we can do it all. We take care of your web design, web development, and even mobile apps. We’ll work closely with you to build your product from the basic concept to an extraordinary product. Let’s turn your vision into a masterpiece.

A good website is important for your business, you knew that already, of course, you already know what you want to say it’s because your company or organization and who better than you know how you need to transfer. Now he has yet to be realized. Here comes Siyomek Holdings around the corner. Only four steps separate you from the beautiful new site.

A website features content is also working online. However, this is often more focused on external parties than its employees. The vision of Siyomek Holdings is that you keep the contents of the site as much as possible in their hands. You finally know your business best. The technical set-up we can organize for you, but the texts and pictures can add by you, so you do not have to put us in for every little thing unless you prefer wants. Naturally, we provide additional training for those who will keep the website. Within your company, we offer a complete website in 4 steps.

Intake: In the first meeting, we go on the basis of a number of questions to work out what the Look and Feel of the site should be. Which pages to come, how you will lead the visitors to the site, etc.

Construction: We will deal with the information obtained to get started and make the website you wish to. Where we have already received texts, we carry, and otherwise we place standard texts make it clear how the site will look like.

Review: Together we are going to the website as it is extended along at that time. We take all of your observations and comments and suit where necessary the site so that it completely meets your requirements.

Completion: The website is ready! If you have given us texts they insist, but you can now also easily place itself texts, photos, and videos. Together we can schedule a time when the ‘live’ website can. The actual live set from the site; we also engage in including a possible move to our reliable hosting provider Byte.

Customization: Obviously it is also possible to expand the Website or to put all in order to work with external applicants into the base. For these situations, we can offer a customized solution quickly. Some examples are:

  • Pair with a customer portal;
  • Setting up a website with ideal integration;
  • Offering paid content

With a good website, you can get your message across, but he must also find good and be viewed by your target audience. How will you find well, how do you ensure that the result looks like a talking ad? Also in these cases Siyomek Holdings has an answer.

We not only make a website for you, but also optimize it for search engines (also known as search engine optimization, SEO).We do this so that you will be set up in the search list. The technical design and the so-called keywords Siyomek Holdings are the default website for SEO, optimize itself can reduce a service contract with us.