With a quick phone call, our Google Apps for Work specialists can point you in the right direction, helping you understand the different solutions and explore potential use-cases for your organization.

We believe that you are not just any new technology in your business can bring It should fit your organization and be accepted by your employees. That’s why we work with a program plan that we examine what the needs are and what solution during the best fit. Then not only implemented the solution, but at the same time, we also train the people who will use them.

First, we explore together what the needs are, or what problems could arise, for example:

  • Data not available at home or on the road
  • A lot of different passwords
  • Cannot work because of a server failure

Then we look at how to be on the needs and problems can be through the use of technologies. Solved there provision the last step is only recommending a solution. If this agreement is then, we move to the implementation phase. Here all applications properly brought by Siyomek Holdings. It will ensure a seamless collaboration between different applications / environments. There is also, of course, careful data instead of the current used by your system to the new applications.

After this, it is very important to learn to work with this new technology. Employees Technology is only effective if people know what they can do. As an end user to learn how to set the finest works for them. Technologies as Employees will enjoy their work because working online is always working and easy. But that does mean that you first transition to the new well supervised and able to generate enthusiasm among people.

Besides the above, Siyomek Holdings can also translate existing workflows to a (more) digital workflow with easy operations. Or seeking advise on developing new processes created by the new possibilities offered by working online.

Companies have different requirements; we undertake a careful task analysis at the beginning of every project and develop customize solutions, in consultation with our customers. Another important part of our consultancy service is to create a prototype for perfecting the user interface’s usability. Continuous support throughout the project period ensures that all objectives are optimally achieved.

The Siyomek Holdings’s intensive consulting services result in tailor-made software concepts that produce real competitive advantages for our customers.

Consulting areas

It’s a Big Decision & Doing Your Research Can be Confusing.

IT strategies / IT organization / IT architectures / Business processes / Application landscapes / System platforms / Database design / Technical infrastructure architectures

We ensure top performance and quality through:
  • Far-reaching and in-depth IT and industry know-how
  • Efficient team structures
  • Experienced project management, including complex, large-scale projects
  • Project-specific quality management
  • Highly methodical and conceptual expertise
  • Integrated problem and solution awareness
  • Continuous and full customer support, from initial conceptual design through to implementation
    After-sales service