Cheque Writing System

Interwave cheque writer enables you to print cheque details accurately in a professional manner with minimum hassle. Easy to use with pre-defined templates, automatic numeric to word conversion and automatic payee name filling, the interwave cheque writer will provide a professional touch to your business and eliminate errors preventing cheque returns and reduces time spent on issuing cheques. Pre-define templates are in-built for major banks in Sri Lanka such as BOC, Pepople’s Bank, Commercial Bank, Seylan Bank, Sampath Bank, HNB, HSBC, Standard Charted,Nation Trust Bank, DFCC Bank, NDB, Union Bank, Pan Asia Bank, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, ICICI Bank, MCB etc…

Benefits :

  • Eliminates spelling mistakes resulting in cheque returns
  • Save time spent on issuing cheques
  • Project a professional image of company

Features :

  • Automatic numeric to word conversion
  • Multiple templates
  • Automatic payee name filling
  • Date printing function
  • Signature line printing – up to two signatures
  • Optional tags – account payee only, not negotiable
  • Counterfoil history
  • Cheque registry export to excel
  • Password protection
  • Automatically save settings on exit
  • Customize font and text size
  • Print Company logo